When I took Angular 2 to build my Application

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As most of us knows that AngularJS is a very powerful framework. It is the third most starred repository on GitHub.

When I took Angular 2 to build my application, I still had my doubts to go with Angular 2 or some other framework.
But after some research, I made up my mind and decided to work on Angular 2.

Here are some reasons / advantages that I liked

It gives the ability to make Single Page Application in a perfect and viable way.

1. TypeScript : Unlike javascript, typescript is type safe, that means, it can generate errors at compile time only.

TypeScript is an extension of ECMAScript, in fact:
TypeScript = ES6 + Types + Annotations

Type script is purely Object oriented tries to extend object oriented javascript. It is quite common to  work with classes and modules in JavaScript, but it requires some amount of boilerplate code…

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